Gift Idea / Free Pattern Download from Weekend Sewing


Of all the simpler projects in Weekend Sewing, the Quick Gardening Gloves are my favorite. The idea for this project actually came from Melanie, whose little garden gets a little more productive every year. When I was invited to appear on The Martha Stewart Show, I made Martha herself a pair of these gloves, using Liberty of London cotton jersey, available at B&J Fabrics here in New York and online.

Pair these gloves with a gardening tool, packet of seeds, and pretty little tag, and you have a very sweet and very simple little gift. I chose strawberries (natch) but the possibilities are endless. You can download the instructions here, along with some little gift tags ( I finally found a home for my little crickets!) to print.

Download the project and printable git tags here.

Oh, and speaking of beautful seed packets, take a look at this gallery. And have a look at these lovelies... maybe not the most seasonally appropriate, but gorgeous, yes?


squash seed packet, naturehills.combeets seed packet, naturehills.comsweet baby blues,