Far Far Away Give Away!

Who are the princesses show above?

With the release of Far Far Away and How to Catch a Frog approaching, we want to give everyone the chance to win some swag. If you can guess all 6 princesses correctly, you will be entered into a drawing for:

- Far Far Away Collectors Pack

- Signed Copy of How to Catch a Frog

- Signed Art Print

Just fill out this form with your answer and submit. If your answer is correct, you will be entered into a random drawing. One submission will be chosen and we will announce the winner next week.

Good Luck!




Creativebug's Building a Creative Brand Series, re-release!

If you missed it the first time, here's your chance to watch and participate in this great series...



Photoshop for Fabric Designers Workshop, with Heather Ross in New york City

November 8th, 11am-4pm

Photoshop Crash Course, $100 (only open to Workshop Participants)

November 9th-11th, 10am-4pm

Photoshop For Fabric Designers, $675 ($450 due upon registration)

In this workshop participants will learn how to create a repeating design based on their own illustrations or open source artwork. Heather will lead the class through each step in her process, from inspiration (inlcuding her favorite places in New York City to shop for ideas) and planning a succesful design, through drawing with a stylus and tablet using Photoshop Channels and building and testing repeats using a large format printer. Color for fabric design will also be discussed. Students will create a single finished design and a large test print on paper.

We are also thrilled to announce very special guest Laura Jaquinto, Creative Art and Merchandising Director at Windham Fabrics, will be with us on our final day to review student work and explain what she looks for when signing new fabric designers, as well as her view of the retail fabric landscape, and what a successful collection includes.

This class will be taught on our 27” iMacs with Adobe Creative Suite. For the first time, we will also be providing wacom tablets for all the participants. Students will just need to bring their own sketching tools and ideas for fabric their designs. 

A very basic knowledge of Photoshop will be needed to take full advantage of this class. You will need to be familiar with the selection and drawing tools (pencil, brush, and eraser) as well as the copy and paste commands.  If you have never used Photoshop before or would like some practice with it prior to our workshop, we recommend that you join us for our Photoshop Crash Course on November 8th.

Fee does not include accomodations, which must be booked by participants. The workshop takes place in Chelsea, near 23rd street at 6th Avenue. Our favorite nearby hotel is the Chelsea Lodge, which is lovely and reasonable, and a short walk from the workshop. 

register here.

and PS, can we brag a little? The image above is of Rae Hoekstra, of Made by Rae. She took our Photoshop Workshop a few years ago, and now she's designing for Cloud Nine Fabrics. We love her newest collection, Lotus Pond, out this Spring! We could not be more proud of her.....


Far Far Away by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics, and a new Collectors Pack

When I first drew these designs, five or six years ago, I didn't have a daughter, much less a lot of Princess paraphenalia hanging around for inspiration. But this time, as I was sorting through these designs and printing them all out to study their colors in preparation for their re-release by Windham Fabrics, and hanging them up on my studio wall, I had an actual Princess castle, almost three feet tall and just as wide, right behind me the whole time. Then, I remembered that Liesl had made a beautiful little Bubble Dress from one of these prints, also before I had a daughter, and that now, just in time, after hanging in her closet since before she was born, it fits.

My princess-freindly household is also currently consumed with the idea of sleepovers, big girl beds, making friends, and playdates (which we are getting very good at, in a two-almost-three sort of way), and also, unfortunately, in resisting naps and bedtimes with the ardour of a certain royal and her obnoxious pea. We were thus inspired to create both a piece of original artwork and a "quilted play (nap?) mat" project for this fabric collection, and are offering them all together in a special "Far Far Away Collectors Pack". Thanks, btw, to my dear freind Anne Sullivan for translating my drawing into a quilt. She's such a pro.

Each Collectors Pack includes a half yard of each print (16 in all), a signed print of "Princess Sleepover" (pictured in detail below), and a pattern for this adorable, cozy little mat. The quilted mat project takes only about a fat quarter of each print, which means you'll have another fat quarter left over for other projects or that stash of yours. The package price is $90.

We are offering these only on a pre-order basis, since we must pre-order them from our manufacturer. If you'd like one (or two) for yourself, please reserve yours right here. We are asking for a small non-refundable deposit ($20). These will ship in July, at about the same time that the line begins to appear in shops. We'll send you an invoice when it's ready to ship. 


We are always looking for a way to offer international shipping, but cannot do so at this time. I know, it's unfair. I agree. But the extra work involved in shipping internationally from our remote summer locale is prohibitive, and the high shipping rates often create issues post-sale. We will, however, always try to ship to US military familes worldwide, even if it's means a lost day or two on our end. It's the least we can do. If you have questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to email us.

Here's another shot of the print. Oh, and if you can guess correctly the identities of each and every princess pictured, you might just win a super cool prize. More on that later.....

the gorgeous photos of Bee and her freind Daisy, by the way, are by the very talented Patricia L Brown.

and here's the quilted play mat. And that daughter of mine. Oh, did I mention that the playmat has long ties so that it can be folded and secured for easy storing (or using as a comfy little seat), and that at the end of one of those ties, there is a pea? Its a green pom pom, but you get the idea.

Place an order for a Far Far Away Collectors Pack here. View the entire Far Far Away Catalog over here. Email us your questions, as always, over here.  


Another Hand painted Janome Sewing Machine...


I should begin by saying that I'm in no way sponsored by Janome. We do have a great relationship, but it's one based on mutual admiration ( i hope.). I use Janome sewing machines in my workshops and in my studio because I believe that they are the best new machines available today. I also use a few vintage lovelies, which I still collect obsessively, and honestly if my studio was on fire and I had to pick just one to save it might be my featherweight, which doesn't actually work presently but they don't make them anymnore, do they?

Janome made several generous contributions to a benefit that I hosted a while back by donating a few machines to the cause, which I then embellished and then raffled and auctioned off. This is the last of them, about to be packed up and shipped off to it's new owner. I've painted four others, including one lovely white Singer Featherweight, and have really loved the process. I think I'd like to do more. I'm sure of it, actually. I've got quite a full plate at the moment but we are looking into it, and if I can manage to offer a few of these as commissions, we'll announce it in our next newsletter.

Oh, and I used Martha Stewart Craft Paints for this. The colors, the quality, and the price in that line are all above and beyond.