Preview: Far Far Away

I am so pleased to post a sneak peak of my newest line for Kokka of Japan, which will be in stores this spring.

My fabric lines for Westminster are always based on a place that I have lived and loved, while my lines for Kokka are more about the imaginary places where I wish I could live. They are lush meadows and small towns built from toys by children, evening dances held by squirrels. My newest line for Kokka is no different, and is in fact named for those first few words that appear at the beginning of many an imaginary tale: Far Far Away....

I must tell you that I did not intend to go so fantastical, I just couldn't stop myself. At first I was focussed on the princesses, especially a certain princess and her pea, but soon found myself sketching unicorns. You heard me. Unicorns. My friend Kim, mother of a tiny barefoot princess of her own, responded to my initial sketches with a very polite " You are either a Unicorn Girl or you are not. I am the latter." That should have stopped me. It didn't. The rest of the prints came quickly enough, my friend Amanda has been begging for a Frog Prince print for years, and I finally had a place for him. I added some florals. I stood back. It was, and is, supremely dorky. We are talking kitten-and-fishbowl-inspirational-poster, days-of-the-week-underpants, dungeons-and-dragons dorky. I hope you like it.

Far Far Away will hit stores sometime this spring, I will be sure to post updates here on Weekend.  Because my book, Weekend Sewing, has so many clothing patterns that demand more supple woven fabrics, I am having it printed on both a quilting weight cotton and a luxurious, drapey cotton double guaze, which will be perfect for dresses, skirts, and blouses. The collection comes in three colorways. Below is the "Dacha" colorway, full of russian purples and reds, then there is a primary group with clear blues, reds, and yellows, and finally, a warm and girly group of pinks and browns and gold. If you would like information about wholesale orders, you can find contact information for both Kokka and Seven Islands (that's the USA distributor for Kokka fabrics) here. The line is still being finalized, so expect a few tweaks and changes to have occurred when you do see it in person.