Its a Gross Thing (Or, Halloween for Grown-Ups)

Today I bring you excellent news. With 10 days left before Halloween, there is still time to order your Eyeball Jello Molds!

I've made these very realistic jello eyeballs and they are so much fun. My advice is that you should freeze them and drop them into icey martinis rather than arrange them on a platter, because even the politest of guests will not be able to bring themselves to pick them up and put them into their mouths. The best part is that when you drop them into a clear drink, the red veins (food coloring that you have expertly applied with the unwound edge of a Q-tip) sort of waft around like spooky swirling little drops of blood. Creepy and lovely. Especially beautiful in martini glasses but also very effective in shot glasses. Be warned: The oppportunites for punnish toasts are endless.

Order them here.

Oh, and if you are tempted to order the Jello Brains kit, don't. It will frighten people away from the buffet.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween, especially here in the Northeast.