Denyse Schmidt Studio Sale and New Quilt patterns!

Denyse's studio, in sale mode

My dear and talented friend Denyse Schmidt is having her annual studio sale on November 14th in Bridgeport, CT at her gorgeous studio. Its worth the drive or the train ride if you are in day trip distance, if for no other reason than to meet Denyse and to see her workspace, which is in one of the old American Fabric Co.'s former factory buildings.

Denyse has a lot going on this month, with the launch of her newest fabric line, Hope Valley, as well as four new quilt patterns (below) shipping before the holidays. I especially love "Hills and Hollers", but look at that proverb quilt, which allows the maker to sew up any message spelled out in lovely Denyse-y blocks on full sized and baby quilts. Such a brilliant idea.

Oh, and there is also a very quiet but very exciting sale going on over at Denyse's website right now: a very small number of her quilts are 30% off for a limited time.

And here are those new quilt patterns, fresh off the press!