Giving the Gift of Blueberry Hill? Excellent Idea, Jack!

I love surprises. Last week I got an email from somebody's husband, asking for my help with his wife's Christmas gift. Jack had very much wanted to send his wife to Blueberry Hill Inn last summer for one of our Weekend Sewing Workshops, but none of the dates had worked. When I told him the dates for next summer he booked Louisa a spot and called me to discuss the details (even though its actually their wedding anniversary, which makes me a little worried that Louisa will want a refund and that I got Jack out of having to plan two holidays...). Now we had to figure out how he was going to put this under the tree. Lucky for him, I had just gotten some samples of my yet to be released Christmas Sweater Gift Wrap, which of course I offered up. He thought it would be fun to wrap up a copy of my book. "But doesn't she already have my book?" I asked. There was a long silence during which I assume Jack was busy thinking "wow, Heather, get OVER yourself...", but it turns out that she didn't, so we wrapped up a signed copy. "Can you add a personal note? Jack asked. "Absolutely!" I said. Then, I swear to all of Louisas friends, neighbors, family, etc.... HE TOLD ME WHAT TO WRITE.

I have exactly a dozen books sitting in my studio right now and about two rolls of wrapping paper. There are presently a total of 15 spots open in the two Weekend Sewing Workshops scheduled for next summer, August 7/8 and 14/15. If there are any more husbands (or sisters/mothers/daughters/sons) out there who would like to give their wives an extremely fun weekend with a bunch of sewing-crazy ladies in one of the loveliest spots in Vermont, do email me. I would love to help.