Vintage Baby Knits by Kristen Rengren (Saves the Day!)

My dear friend Alli is expecting her first baby, a little boy, next month. Allis taste is impeccable, her style timeless. She is that rare woman who is glamorous enough to successfully pull off a vintage coat trimmed in curly persian lamb but fun enough to laugh loudly when my dog quietly begins to chew on it while she stands in my doorway saying goodbye. She is also that rare combination of put-together and relaxed. I have seen Alli take naps in the types of dresses that you or I would get married in. Once, while on a weekend trip to the beach with Alli and her dapper husband, I made the mistake of wearing a patch-worked madras sun-dress. Alli interrupted her reading to tell me not just how much she hated madras, but why she hated madras, citing cultural and even historical references. This of course started such a lively group conversation that I finally felt compelled to suggest that, in the future, everyone could wait until I was in the bathroom to discuss my outfits. 

I was determined to make something by hand for Allis baby. As you can imagine, I was a little nervous about choosing the right project. The moment I saw Vintage Baby Knits I knew that I needn't worry anymore. While so many of the vintage knitting (and sewing) patterns out there seem dated and irrelevant, or even costume-y, VBK is a collection of adorable, wearable, and classic styles that I can imagine being loved generations from now. In that same way that Alli effortlessly infuses vintage into a modern and beautiful wardrobe, Kristen has re-worked looks from every recent decade to work today.. and tomorrow.

Thanks to the magic of the internet I was actually able to send Alli here to look at some images from the book, and then here, to look at yarn colors. We picked the adorable Rufus Textured Cardigan in a gorgeous periwinkle blue. As always, the girls of Purl were extremely helpful.

Kristens writing style is warm and encouraging, which is crucial to beginning knittters like me who have pulled apart more sweaters than they have successfully completed. I read every inch of her first chapter and learned a lot about wool and knitting. The books photography is stunning, its instructions are thorough, and its illustrations concise. As a casual knitter, I buy very few knitting books. I suspected that this collection was a must have that would be a favorite reference for years to come. After making my first of what will hopefully be many of its projects, I am certain of that. 

If you'd like to enter to win a free copy of Vintage Baby Knitsclick here to learn more about the contest being run by STC Craft.

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