MISC Studio Sale Sold Out!


I expected it to take a week to sell off all of my misc, but I believe I've done it in about an hour and a half. If, after I pack the orders that have come in, I still have stuff leftover I promise to post again and invite more orders.


You would not believe the boxes that have accumulated in my studio and in my storage space. Its not just the sheer number of them that is the problem, its my brilliant method of labelling them. The word "MISC" appears on boxes of my printed fabric, trims, paper goods, bloomers, samples, little girls dresses, tee shirts, lengths of fabric large and small, fat quarters, buttons, zippers, yards of bias tape and elastic, and most notably, a box that, according to the sharpie-scrawl on one side, contains 200 crocheted lobsters.

I need to find those lobsters and all of their friends new homes. Want in? Here is what you have to do to claim your own treasure bag of MISC. Shoot me an email (before Thursday, September 3rd) and tell me about yourself (size? sewist? knitter? mum? sagitarrius? lover of crocheted crustaceans?) in 50 words or less. If there is something that I have designed in the past decade that you have always wanted, tell us about it. We can't make any promises, but we will try. Tell us how much you want to spend ($25, $50, or $100), and we will pack you a bag or box of treasures.

Again, we can't promise you that fat quarter of yellow gnomes, but we can try our best. We can promise that the "street value" of your loot will be more than what you paid for it. And that your odds of getting a lobster are really really really good. Quantities are limited, First come first served. All sales final. Complete Rules and Regs here.