California Here I Come!

Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkI leave tomorrow for Santa Cruz, hoping to spend as much time as possible with my extremely busy family while visiting some of the west coasts hottest fabric and craft spots and doing a bit of teaching. My twin sister is now a high school guidance counselor! She has been the wise and good angel of conscience on my left shoulder since we were three (Don't put that in your mouth! Where are your pants?? Don't date surfers!) so I would like to take a bit of credit for her training. She also sent one daughter off to high school and another to junior high AND started graduate school last week. Luckily her little boy is still in elementary school and has managed to free up his schedule in order to take TC and I to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (above) while we are in town. I don't know how you people do it. I can barely keep it together with a dog and a cat and a job that allows me to spend an inordinate time in my nightgown.

If you find yourself near Harts Fabric on Thursday night or downtown by The Crafters Studio next Wednesday, stop by and say hello! There is till a bit of room in the "Mendocino Smocked Sundress" class at The Crafters Studio, which is a great first dress project. You lucky Californians, we are getting ready to put our sundresses away here in New York.