I want to thank you all for such a successful Studio Sale. It was such great fun to meet so many of you over the phone and through emails. Thanks so much for your unending patience as I obsessed over each shipment (I had lots of help from Claudia and Josh with the sorting shipping part, thanks guys!) and for all your great notes and photos! And if you are still waiting for your package, please don't worry yet. The USPS was a little scattered about their pick-ups, some of the last packages just left the building yesterday!

When I came up for air I realized that Fall was in full boom here in the Northeast. This photo was taken by a childhood friend of mine, Gillian Joughin, near where we were both born in Vermont. Isn't it lovely? She has entered it in a fall foliage photo contest over at the Burlington Free Press... First Prize is a pancake breakfast for her very active little brood.

Gillian Joughin