One Perfect Gift

I wandered into one of my most favorite gift-y stores in new York City yesterday, The Moma Store, and found the most perfect gift. So perfect, in fact, that I'm going back today and get three or four more.... because I can't decide who I should give it to. That's always a good sign.

Its a needle threader, but not really. Its sterling silver, quite solid, and is meant to be worn as a necklace. That little cameo in the center that is so familiar to us all (who is she, anyway?)  is wearing a diamond earring on each side. There is something so clever about this, because whenever I see her face on my little tin needle threaders I instantly feel as though I am in the pesence of a stern german grandmother who does not believe in fancy things. And now look at her, with some serious ice. See? So perfect for so many people we know, right? Oh, and its currently marked down by half, selling at the Moma stores (but not online, maybe we should call them?) originally $200, now just $99.The artist, Katja Schlegel, works as a jewelry designer in Munich Germany. Her website doesn't show the piece either, which is making me feel like I should be waiting at the door this morning when the Moma Store opens.