Cricket Contest Results!

OK, I agree, this contest was really hard! Percy and I are both extremely touched that so many of you went through the trouble of pulling apart your neatly folded fabric stacks and sorting through photos on line.

While I had very specific fabrics in mind at the beginning of this contest, I was forced to re-think exactly what constitutes a cricket. Summerfields (from rabbits and racecars for Kokka), for example, contains so much hidden wildlife and sketchy lines that I had to agree that it counted as a correct guess. And while the little bug on the stem of a flower in Wildflowers (Free Spirit, Lightening bugs) was always intended to be a cricket, the design had been altered a little bit in some printing (perhaps due to fabric shrinkage) so that he was far too chubby to be identified as such (see image above). I was hoping that the Tom Petty hint would make up for that. With all of that in mind, here is a list of answers that I accepted.

Oh, and the one that was most rarely (and correctly) identified was Dandelions (image below) from Munki Munki, which I suppose is because the fabric hasn't been produced in almost ten years!

drumroll please.....

Munki Munki / Pinnochio

Munki Munki / Flowers and Bugs

Munki Munki / Dandelions (below)

Free Spirit / Wildflowers (above)

Kokka / Crickets in Cages

Kokka / Summerfields (isn't this little bag so cute??)

Thanks so very much for playing, the drawing will be at 6pm tonight, and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards. If you have any questions about the answers you submitted, shoot me an email! Thanks so very much for playing!