Gnomes, Gnomes, Gnomes.

Munki Munki has been re-stocking my gnome print pajamas, including my favorite color-way: pink. I don't leave the house in pink very often, but I sleep in it almost as a general rule. They can now be purchased on the Munki Munki website.

Gnome pajamas in pink, by Munki Munki

I've been getting a few emails lately about wether or not I still design for Munki Munki. I currently don't, though we do talk about doing more together in the future. I've also been getting some emails from collectors and re-sellers about a few of the newer Munki Munki prints on the market, and wether or not I designed them.

In some cases, Munki Munki uses bits and pieces of my artwork and makes new designs, or changes things like color and scale to suit their needs. I imagine that they will also be using designs from different artists, but I can't say for sure. This makes answering this question a little tough. I would say that in these cases the prints are surely Munki Munki, even if they aren't "Heather Ross". I hope that helps!