Macaroni Love Story (my newest fabric line - only at Spoonflower) and a few other news bits...

click to preview the collection!I have been working on my newest fabric line, Macaroni Love Story, for what seems like forever. Actually, considering that its based on what was to have been my last line with Free Spirit - cancelled at the last minute when my contract with them could not be renewed - you could say it's been in the works for more than three years. You could call it a "lost collection", except it hasn't really been lost. Except that it has been under my bed, which is about as close to being lost that anything can get, but I swear I knew it was there the whole time. And of course when I did pull it out way back in May I had to completely re-draw every single print, change the name, and choose all new colors, so its more new than old at this point. Anyhoo. Its going to be available in a week or so (and for a limited time)- only at SPOONFLOWER. Its not up yet, but I'll be sure to tweet / yell / post / chat it up when I have an exact day for you.

I love Spoonflower. I love the democracy of it, I love the energy of it, and I love that its always expanding, improving, adapting, and learning. I love that they have contests. I love contests. Have you seen the newest lightweight cotton lawn that they have? Its really perfect for cute little prints. Ahem.

Also newsworthy: remember last year when I had a sample sale that lasted only an hour? Well I'm doing it again. On September 15th. It will work a little differently this year, I'll be back on Monday to fill you in!

Oh and PS: I do have a new collection coming out in the Spring for KOKKA!