Kittens. Every Time.

I really haven't developed any strong preferences about what kind of baby I would like to be having (apart from the non-screamy sort, obviously), until today. I'm working on a picture book about a little girl and today I drew her bedroom. My editor and art director are really supporting the idea of adding lots of pattern to the book, so I thought I would try to give her a really great wallpaper design. I wanted it to be simple, I really did, but then... kittens. And now, I think I need to have a girl. Because I think otherwise, TC will have to get used to the idea of this wallpaper ending up in our bedroom. And that could be a tough sell. But then again, he's sort of going to owe me in a few months, right? Just say yes.

from a yet to be released picture book, illustrated by me, Heather Ross