I'll be a guest on Martha Stewarts Baby Shower Special, LIVE, Monday at 10:00 am, The Hallmark Channel



And would you believe that it's largely because of this post? Thats right. I told you Martha was a horsey girl.

I'll be making these little bloomers (one of my favorite projects from Weekend Sewing), plus unveiling a few new limited edition prints (image left) AND a few new fabric designs over at Spoonflower. Can you guess which ones? Tune in on Monday (to Martha and over here of course) for details.

The show will be a big baby shower of sorts, audience members (and in my case, guests) are mostly pregnant or accompanying the pregnant. Presenters and guests are also in mode proper, I was in the crafts room at the MS studios today and caught a glimpse of one of the COOLEST nursery decor crafts I think I've ever seen. I'm sure I'm not allowed to say any more but even if you have no plans to be anywhere near a baby in the near future. you have to SEE this thing.

These are a great little baby shower gift, especially when you make them in a big bunch. They go together super quick, and employ my favorite little easy-bake-oven sewing trick: elastic thread. Ashley from Film in The Fridge was the one who made this adorable little clothsline line-up for the folks at Martha, so they could pick the prints they wanted for the show. She's a rock star, that Ashley. Do I need to tell you which ones we are using? I think not. Like I said. Horsey Girl.