Jay McCarroll's new collection, and a party!

quilt made from Jay McCarroll's "Habitat", courtesy of SpoolOne of my favorite stops on my Weekend Sewing book tour (was that two years ago?) was the evening I spent at the lovely little Philadelphia fabric store, Spool. This weekend Spool will be hosting a launch party for Habitat, the newest line by designer Jay McCarroll. You should try to be there (Saturday, February 12th, from 2-5pm), if you can. Habitat is Jay's fourth collection for Free Sprit, and in my opinion, his best yet. The line is up on the Free Spirit website now, party details are here.

Say hi to Jay for me (and hit him up for late night Philadelphia falafel advice), and if the dashing duo known as Frisco and Cisco are there, which I imagine they will be, please kiss them on each on both cheeks (twice) for me.

Oh, and Jay will be joining me in New York City this fall as a Weekend Sewing Workshop guest teacher... and YES, because I think I know what you are ging to ask, he WILL be taking everybody shopping at MOOD. Registration will open this week, we are finalizing a few little details. Stay tuned!

More of Habitat: