2012 "at a glance"

I can already feel this year zooming by. You know those "year at a glance" pages in your calendar? Mine looks a lot like the Mexico City Subway map. The next few months seem especially booked solid, but since they include ten sunny days in Palm Springs with some really great people I'm not complaining.

Here are some of the things I'm especially looking forward to...

I've got a new picture book coming out in a month. Its about a crafty little girl named Chloe. She was brought to life by Kelly DiPucchio, the very talented (and NY Times bestselling) author that I am so proud to have been teamed up with. The book officially arrives in stores next month. I'll be taking pre-orders here on this site for signed (and scribbled in, and sketched in) copies soon, proceeds to benefit my favorite local after school arts program. Here's a little sneak peek:



Chloe even has her own (affordable) fabric line coming out. Its all about safety scissors and sock monkeys and pony rides. Its pretty adorable. And the best news? Its on quilting cotton. I can't say more than that yet, but I'll be going on and on about it soon. She's also been begging for her own Crafts Blog for kids, and it looks like Simon and Schuster (her grandparents, if you will) are going to give it to her. 

Next up is my new line for Kokka. I haven't been so excited about a collection for a while, probably because I've shifted into new territory, focussing on nursery rhymes and fables. There were so many things I wanted to try, but in the end I went with "This Little Piggy", "Itsy Bitsy Spider", and "City Mouse, Country Mouse". I showed some artwork from "City Mouse Country Mouse" a few weeks ago, here is a swatch from "This Little Piggy" and it's corresponding postage stamp cheater quilt print:



The line will be launched at Quilt Market (by Kokka) in May and will be in stores this summer. I'll be offering some prints on paper to match in my online shop. I'm really wanting to offer all of the little piggies as separate framed small pieces, designed to be hung all in a row. Does that seem ridiculous? You can tell me. I really agonized over the piggy who stayed home. should he have been doing to crossword?  A puzzle seemed like more of an all-nighter. 

And in July I have a brand new crafts book coming out. Its another Melanie Falick book, and it was so much fun to work on. The book is all about fabric design and digital printing (on paper, on fabric, and on wallpaper) and includes twenty projects that I couldn't be more proud of. Did you know that you can print anything you want on rice paper and make  a hanging lantern out of it? Or a string of lights? YOU CAN. Did you know that you can have just about anything printed on wallpaper? YOU CAN. But if you you would rather use my artwork, you can use one of the forty plus prints (a combination of old favorites and new designs) that are included on the disc in the back of the book....

Photo by John Gruen


And then there are the Weekend Sewing Workshops, which are so much fun to run. We love having so many of you come back again and again, these weekends feel a little like reunions to us now and we can't wait to see who signs up for what.

We will be announcing (as soon as this week!) a new set of New York City Workshops that are formatted very differently from the last pair. This time we want to welcome locals as well as visitors, so we are offering a package that does not include accommodations. We know that a lot of folks asked for this last year so we decided to try to make it happen. We also lengthened the days and shrunk the class sizes, to fully maximize our New York City time. There are still a few spots left at Blueberry Hill in July and in the Photoshop fabric design classes in April, surprisingly, but the new NYC weekends are sure to fill up very fast so keep an eye on the twitter feed this week if you want a spot! 

I'm looking forward to this year very much and am so thrilled to get to share some of it with so many of you!

Happy 2012, Heather