2012 Studio Sale... Tell me what you think!

Remember that very first MISC sale? That was so much fun. It worked remarkably well, some of you told me what you most wanted from my past fabric, clothing, anf paper goods lines, and how much you wanted to spend, and I sent you what I had. The last order I picked up was from someone who was looking for gnome fabric, and the last piece of fabric sitting on the table was - you guessed it - gnomes. Like magic. It took a month, but it was worth it. I loved the idea of people being surprised by what they got, as if I was sending out presents. OK, I know it's not really a gift when I'm charging for it, but still..

But A few people wrote to say that they would have liked something a little more structured, and in the years that followed it became progressively so. It's still been fun, believe me, but in some ways... slightly less.

I was planning something very structured this year, and planning it for summer instead of fall because of a busy workshop schedule in September and October. I have some paper goods, some fabric, but overall a lot less stuff than I have had in years past. I was picturing something a little... shopp-ish. Less sale-ish.

BUT THEN, I opened up a big box that Vera had sent me from her recent move from California to Vermont. I thought it was shipping supplies, I really did. But it's not. Its over a hundred pieces of Munki Munki kids clothing, including Gnomes, Clouds, BBQ, Sushi, Foxes, Sock Monkey, USA girls, Inchworm, Beach, and more. I realized that this was one of my own archive boxes, where I grabbed one of everything from every line I designed for my own personal collection. I went through it this morning, and picked a few pieces out for Bee, but there is much more than I could ever use. I'd like to find loving homes for it all, but each piece is unique, so the only way to sell it online is via grab bag. I'd love to include it all in my studio sale, but....

So I'd love to hear it from you. What do you think about my studio sales, and which style do you prefer? Do you like the idea of sending me a wish list and a budgte, or would you only shop by specific item?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. I'll be waiting anxiously. And trying to figure out where to put all of this stuff.....