Mattie and me in front of Anne's Amazing QuiltThank You to everyone who supported this event by buying raffle tickets, tee shirts, posters, and of course, event tickets. Our event was a huge success and a lot of fun.

Thanks to everyone who came and helped set up on Sunday: Anne, Julia, Karen, Maggie, Peggy, and Megan, and the amazing staff at Harts: Amy, Katrina, and Dani, for being extra fabulous. And thanks to my crafty friends for your generous donations, the tables looked amazing covered with all of your handmade love! And lastly, thanks to miss Mattie Danner, my gorgeous neice, who led a super fun flower head band craft project that we will definitely be taking "on the road", These were based on the flower crowns my sister and I used to make out of dandelions and daisies and looked so great on everyone's heads at the party! And of course my brother Cameron who poured the wine and carried the ice, and Max who is such a nice boy. :  ) 

Below is the list of raffle winners. Congrats! If your name is on this list you can expect to hear from us soon. We are still waiting for the prizes to make their way back east, but as soon as they do we'll get them to you. We will be shipping prints and tee shirts next week. Feel free to email us with any questions!

If you were present at the raffle on Sunday night and took home your prize, you may not find your name below. 









Custom Painted Janome Sewing Machine (no. 2)



A Spot in our upcoming Palm Springs Weekend Sewing and Crafts Workshop, January 2013



Handmade "Mendocino" Quilt by HR



Cricut Machine



Amy Butler Books and Stationery



Lotta Jansdotter fabric and books



Olivia Board Books / Simon and Schuster



Weekend for Two at Blueberry Hill Inn



HR Custom Christmas Card


Martha Tissue Pom Poms


Melissa Sweet Cowgirls Book


Tote Bags


Anabel Wrigley's "I Love to Sew!"


Cloud Nine Fabrics Sample Pack


Receiving Blanket by Starlit Nest


6 month subscription to Creative Bug



HR's Mendocino Stash


Ali McCartney



Congrats to all! And here's a few more fun pics:






Thank You.


I think that it is difficult to describe this community to people who don't understand it, who've never depended on it, who haven't seen it in action. I'm not even sure what to call us, because the words "market" and "online network" don't do us justice. It is about handmade, and craft, and sewing, and homekeeping, and quilts and art and certainly love, but it's also about something bigger. We are a sister-hood of sorts, coming from every direction, leaving our economics, religion, and politics with our coats and hats when we come to the common table. And while the things we make - the quilts and the books and the pictures and everything else - may seem small, words fail when you try to describe the power they have.

I have to believe that there is something that sits in a very deep place within each of us, older than language or marriage or medicine or money, a relic of pre-history, a miracle of thumbs and sticks and fire, that tells our heart to trust the hands who have made us something, because they belong to someone who loves us.

Thank you for helping my family, we are honored and grateful. I'm thrilled to report that our benefit was a great success, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it so. I'm just now home from Santa Cruz with a long list of winners to announce... stay tuned!




We still have a few tickets to our Sunday night event at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz left, you can purchase them here. We are expecting a really great turnout from the bay area crafting community, my own wacky family, and even some out-of-towners. We've got some amazing wines to pour, thanks to our friends at Youngs Market, and some pretty unbelieveable items to auction off, including the sewing machine below, generously donated by Janome and Harts, and on which I hand-painted with my west coast home-town of Santa Cruz in mind. Come join us!

Thanks to everyone who is supporting our cause by purchasing tees, prints, and raffle tickets online. We will be sending out emails with e-tickets on Thursday, plus your paper ticket will be waiting for you at the door along with some pretty crazy-great gift bags (which, just between you and me, are practically worth the price of admission themselves!)



Heather Ross and Harts Fabric Present: YOU ARE MY SISTER.


Dear Friends,

My twin sister, Christie Danner, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her prognosis is very good. Unfortunately, her insurance (the private, catastrophic sort) is not. Christie is a mother of three and works full time as an advisor and intervention counselor at a high school in the Santa Cruz mountains, and is an integral part of her close knit community She is also the glue that binds my (somewhat functionally challenged) family together. She is never the person that asks for help, she is aways the one who gives it.

I've asked my friends in this wonderful crafting community to help me to organize a fundraiser to help pay for her treatment, generously hosted by my friends at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz. To say that I am overwhelmed by the generosity we recieved in return would be an understatement. We sent out a request for donations for an auction and raffle.  Walden is donating a Mermaid surfboardDenyse is sending a quilt, Natalie has donated a west coast workshop at Heath ceramics, my friends at Martha have sent over a truckload of crafty wonderfulness, Amy and Lotta are filling boxes straight out of their studios, Windham may drown us with fabric, Amy Sedaris is sending some celebrity shwag, and the list goes on and on. I'm adding a quilt that I made from Mendocino fabrics, and most of my own personal stash to the mix, plus some original artwork. We'll also be raffling off a workshop spot in one of our Palm Springs weekends.

The event, which will look a whole lot like a cocktail party, will include both a raffle and an auction which will be emceed by yours truly (no, in case you are wondering, I don't actually know how to emcee an auction. But I'm studying up!). A very limited number of tickets will be sold, and are available here and at Harts Fabric.

We are also selling a limited number of raffle tickets to those who can’t make the event but would like to support it, as well as tee shirts and signed copies of the poster (both pictured below) that I designed for the occasion. We will be tweeting the event live, so if you buy a ticket be sure to sign up for our twitter feed!

Thanks in advance for your help. My family and I feel lucky to be part of a world full of such creative, generous, wonderful people. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me.




Quilt Market Wrap Up...

Such a perfect storm: a quilt show in Portland, one of my most favorite places, a new and comfy home with the Windham family, a quiet dinner with a dear, dear friend and a hilarious evening with some of my most favorite new ones, a Quilt Dad sighting or two ( he's still the one and only man to ever take a lesson from me, so I like to think of ours as a special relationship), and a happy parade of faces both familiar and new. 

Oh, and a new fabric line, on quilting cotton, which feels absolutely right.

The following video from Creative Bug does a great job of capturing the overall tone of the show, which was humming with inspiration and color, as well as the friendships and common threads that exist in this, our most special of marketplaces. I've always expected great things from the team over there, but they are really exceeding my every expectation. They are well on their way to becoming that one place that defines, celebrates, educates, and inspires the world of handmade.

Thanks to my friend Anne Sullivan, who spent much of one day scouring Portland for the perfect Ball jar after I shattered the one that we had during set-up, thanks to Kelly for that final show-closing beer at the Portland airport, to Fernando for being Fernando, to Rae for her beautiful quilt that made me feel relevant at QUILT market for once in my life, and to Alex, Mickey, Sandy, Laura, and Jennifer for being so good at your jobs and so much fun to work with. And, of course, to Megan, my assistant, who trasnformed mere bolt tubes into birch logs!