A few familiar faces... and a little guessing contest!


While it's not entirely intentional, it happens a lot. I'm drawing a person (in this case people, all for a kid's book that I'm just wrapping up) and it starts to look a lot like someone I know. Human features can be pulled out of thin air, but personality and expression, well, those often require models.

Most of the characters in this book - which is about a very crafty little girl - look a lot like people I know and love. The baby above is very much my little friend Max (who has never, ever been covered with googly eyes while napping in real life). I'm wondering if any of you can recognize the gentleman below, with his cut up shirt. You've likely met him if you've ever been to quilt market. And he knows all about crafty little girls... Maybe lets make this interesting. Give it your best guess (via comment on this post), and then I'll put all of the correct guesses (and maybe a few of the incorrect but extremely creative) into my randomizer and draw one. Winner gets a box filled with stuff from the overflowing surfaces in my studio. I need an excuse to tidy this place up.

Good Luck!