Announcing Our Third Annual ON-LINE Studio Sale: Tuesday, October 4

After eight blissful weeks spent mostly just staring at my baby, I'm making my way back to work. The lovely vera returns next week to help me get things rolling again, and we thought we would kick things off with our annual studio sale. 

I've really loved the way this sale has worked in the past, and I hope you have to. That said, things are changing a bit this year. This time we will be listing inventory with prices, so that there won't be any confusion about what we've got and what values have been assigned to what items. I love packing up boxes of goodies for people based on what they tell me about themselves, so you will still have to do a little of that. You still get to choose how much you want to spend and give us your wish list, but this time you will know ahead of time what we have and how things are priced. 

This sale is a unique and invaluable opportunity to get to know more about my customers and to reach them personally. Thanks so much to all of you who plan to participate!

The sale will begin at 1pm EST and will last as long as inventory holds out. Orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. Customers whose orders were cancelled last year when we sold out will automatically get bumped to the top of the list (we will look for you folks via your emails, which we have saved, so if you have a new address let us know!).

This year's inventory (a more detailed list will be made available during the sale) includes some classic munki munki pjs, fabric from past and OOS plus some current FFA lines from Kokka, one of a kind custom spoonflower prints (these were created for my next book, out next fall), signed posters (including never before seen artwork!), limited edition prints, wrapping paper, and some books.

See you next tuesday!