Another Hand painted Janome Sewing Machine...


I should begin by saying that I'm in no way sponsored by Janome. We do have a great relationship, but it's one based on mutual admiration ( i hope.). I use Janome sewing machines in my workshops and in my studio because I believe that they are the best new machines available today. I also use a few vintage lovelies, which I still collect obsessively, and honestly if my studio was on fire and I had to pick just one to save it might be my featherweight, which doesn't actually work presently but they don't make them anymnore, do they?

Janome made several generous contributions to a benefit that I hosted a while back by donating a few machines to the cause, which I then embellished and then raffled and auctioned off. This is the last of them, about to be packed up and shipped off to it's new owner. I've painted four others, including one lovely white Singer Featherweight, and have really loved the process. I think I'd like to do more. I'm sure of it, actually. I've got quite a full plate at the moment but we are looking into it, and if I can manage to offer a few of these as commissions, we'll announce it in our next newsletter.

Oh, and I used Martha Stewart Craft Paints for this. The colors, the quality, and the price in that line are all above and beyond.