Briar Rose Collectors Pack


Update on the Update!


It looks like we'll be able to get our hands on a few more collectors packs, after all! If you'd like to reserve one, please sign up here!

We've been getting lots of questions from folks about the quilt, so YES, the collectors pack includes exactly what you need to make the Rainbow Quilt (below) and YES, if you want to make the quilt and also keep the fabric, you are more than welcome to order two collectors packs. You just need to fill out the submission for twice! And to address those questions coming in about the "Field Strawberry" print, yes, I was actually trying to come up with an art print that matched the quilt. And yes, I do agree that it makes decorating a kids room in a pretty, simple way very easy! We'll hopefully do it again, though I can't take a lot of credit for the quilt design, since that belongs over here....