Drawing, Every Day: A Contest!


I have been getting lots of emails post-Quilt con about something I said during my lecture. I mentioned that I believe - and I truly do - that anyone can learn to draw. I also recommended treating the process of learning to draw as you would getting any other part of yourself into shape: like exercise. If you sit down, say, with your coffee, every single morning, and draw something, anything, for ten to twenty minutes, you will be amazed at how much you improve and by how quickly.

I'm so certain of this theory that I've decided to test it with a little contest of sorts. Start drawing, TODAY, and keep at it, every day, for three weeks. Snap or scan your sketches and send them to me, by April 1st, either directly or via flickr. I'll send one person a charm pack from Briar Rose, my new fabric collection for Windham. The winner will be the person who is, by my estimation, the "most improved." See? the worse your first attempt looks, the better chance you have at winning!

You'll need pencils and paper. I use Moleskin sketchbooks, I like the way the texture of the paper grabs the pencil lead, kneaded erasers, the kind that look like dirty gum, because they absorb the grit and dust as they erase instead of spreading it around, and simple, no. 2 mechanical pencils. I mark the pages that I want to scan later with bits of washi tape. I keep them all in the little tin box that held the first chocolates that my husband gave me, when we were dating. The little scratches on it were made by my daughter's brand new front teeth, six years later.

You can draw anything and everything, your coffee mug or a hair elastic, whatever you are eating for breakfast, the toy your child left on the kitchen floor, the back of the head of the person who works in front of you, your toes, I don't care, but I'll give you one tip: if you love the thing that you are drawing then you are more apt to love the drawing itself.

Oh, and the scarf shown here, under the sketchbook and the one I wear almost every day? I've been getting lots of emails about that too. Its from Epice, a french husband and wife team, and was a christmas gift from my tiny godson. His mother clearly agrees with me that hot pink is the new black. It really does go with everything.