Enter to WIN a free Weekend Sewing Workshop at Blueberry Hill (A Holiday Contest)

Have you been just super excellent this year? Have you tried your hardest, done your darnedest, been just above and beyond? Did you take in a stray kitten or bake 156 cupcakes or put out a sofa fire? Did you, at any point in 2011, have to bust out the tiny little nit comb? Skip the epidural? Change a thousand cloth diapers? Accidentally give birth in a public place, to more than one baby, or to just one extremely screamy one? Are you a dad who quilts selflessly? Did your cat's fight with a raccoon and subsequent vet bills wipe out the holiday budget?

Well then, we want to hear from you. Because we want to give away a weekend sewing workshop to somebody who really needs / deserves / wants one, and we want to hear from your friends, kids, husbands and boyfriends, parents and co-workers about why it should be you.

To enter, simply ask somebody you know (or send them a link to this post) to nominate you. They can email us directly. We'll get the workshop team together to pick a winner, who will have their choice of Blueberry Hill workshops. Airfare not included. Here's what their nomination should include:

•Name, hometown, phone number and email address of the person who is being nominated

•Name, email, and phone number for person responsible for nominating

•In 500 words or less, OR in the form of a drawing, OR Haiku, or OR poem, tell us why this person deserves a free Weekend Sewing Workshop at Blueberry Hill Inn

•Please indicate wether or not you would like the entry to be made public, as we would like to post a gallery of images and essays but will leave yours out if you prefer.


send them to: workshopheatherross@hotmail.com

And if you weren't very good at all this year, if you ate the last piece of sushi every time, picked the dark chocolate chunks out of the Ben and Jerry's and then put the mangled carton back in the fridge, or left the gas tank on E for the next person, we want you to know that we would love to have you in Vermont with us too. There are still openings in all of our 2012 workshops, and if you'd like to purchase one as a gift we can help you get something under the tree. Already signed up for the workshop (or in the process of signing up) but wanting to enter the contest? If you enter and win we'll still give you the workshop for free. 

 Contests are so much fun, don't you think?