I'm Coming to Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz!


I always try to spend a week or so in California in the wintertime. I have a lot of family there, my father, two brothers, a sister, two gorgeous and brilliant and funny nieces who are becoming adults at what seems an accelerated pace, and a nephew who, as far as I can see, will be breaking tiny little girl hearts before I have the chance to finish the baby sweater I started when I was pregnant.


So this year I booked a workshop at Asilomar, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go, in beautiful Pacific Grove. My plan was to bring Bee, so that my sister and her kids could sufficiently smother her with love and cookies, but then I flew to Chicago with her for Christmas and realized that flying with an eighteen month old is a little like flying with a semi-trained poop-hurling screech monkey (except that everybody on your flight would be really supportive if you drugged the monkey) so now I’m leaving her at home with her father and her grandparents.


What was I thinking? I mean, both times? I don’t want to get on a plane with her, but I don’t want to get on a plane without her, either. (As I was typing this from my chair at Benny’s Burritos in Greenwich Village a young, pretty mom walked past the window with her baby in a snuggly Bjorn and I teared up. I really did, just now.)


I am, I admit, really looking forward to this weekends workshop at Asilomar. We will be working in a beautiful space and the guest list holds an especially incredible group of women, and really the break will be nice.... right? right??? Please help me.


I am making the most of my trip. I’ll be swinging by my old stomping grounds, Hart’s Fabric, on Monday night at 5 pm for a book signing/doodling( Heather Ross Prints, specifically, but I’m also happy to sign other books, too. I’ve gotten pretty good at forging Denyse’s signature....) and some meeting-and-greeting. Come, if you can, and bring me a giggly, chubby baby to cling to, please.  I’ll also be showing a few little (super top secret) sneak peeks of some upcoming releases......


See you there?