My Little Online Pop-Up Store, Now Open!



I've had plans for a while to open a little summertime pop-up retail store. Those plans - and I'm being a little vague here in order to leave my options open - include a VW Camper Van painted in an all-over print (with a canopy, of course), a summer spent traveling up or down the coast and a few hundred pounds of fabrics, dresses, kids and crafts books, surfboards, and stationary. Sort of like those food trucks that everybody tweets about these days (I may not tweet about them but I chase a few of them around the city regularly) except that .... not really. OK, its more than a plan... its more of a dream.

But this summer I'm grounded. There will be no carefree road trips for this knocked up lady. My husband won't even let me walk to the mailroom without him right now, and when I told my doctor a little about my plans and asked him how he would feel about my taking a few short trips close to my due date, he in turn asked me how I would feel about giving birth in a VW Camper Van, even one with an all over print. I actually think that the all-over print, for some reason, made the image of that scene in my head especially disturbing.

So I'm home. Well, not today. Today I am on The Martha Stewart Show, sewing bloomers. My husband is backstage, worried that my heels are dangerously high. Really. And here, on my blog, is my little Pop-Up Online Retail Store. Someday I hope I'll be able to come to your towns in a printed bus, but for now we will all have to wait for the VW bus experience (although TC didn't seem too upset about that), but we do have a virtual option

I'll be testing out different sorts of products and inventory. Vera, my amazing assistant, will be managing things from her west coast perch. You'll love her. I'm starting out with a product line that I've been working on for a while (some of you received samples in your studio sale package, on a slightly less fancy paper), an ever-changing collection of limited edition prints. I hope you like them, please let me know what you think!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you a little more about my new offering at Spoonflower, and about a new book project that I'm working on with Melanie Falick at STC, and even a bit more about that VW bus in an all-over print. There's a connection, I promise.

OK, off to stuff myself into some extremely powerful undergarments and get myself up to the Martha Studios...