Quilt Market Wrap Up...

Such a perfect storm: a quilt show in Portland, one of my most favorite places, a new and comfy home with the Windham family, a quiet dinner with a dear, dear friend and a hilarious evening with some of my most favorite new ones, a Quilt Dad sighting or two ( he's still the one and only man to ever take a lesson from me, so I like to think of ours as a special relationship), and a happy parade of faces both familiar and new. 

Oh, and a new fabric line, on quilting cotton, which feels absolutely right.

The following video from Creative Bug does a great job of capturing the overall tone of the show, which was humming with inspiration and color, as well as the friendships and common threads that exist in this, our most special of marketplaces. I've always expected great things from the team over there, but they are really exceeding my every expectation. They are well on their way to becoming that one place that defines, celebrates, educates, and inspires the world of handmade.

Thanks to my friend Anne Sullivan, who spent much of one day scouring Portland for the perfect Ball jar after I shattered the one that we had during set-up, thanks to Kelly for that final show-closing beer at the Portland airport, to Fernando for being Fernando, to Rae for her beautiful quilt that made me feel relevant at QUILT market for once in my life, and to Alex, Mickey, Sandy, Laura, and Jennifer for being so good at your jobs and so much fun to work with. And, of course, to Megan, my assistant, who trasnformed mere bolt tubes into birch logs!