Signed (and doodled in!) copies of Heather Ross Prints with limited edition prints included now available!

Now available in our online shop...


We would love to send you a signed and dedicated copy of Heather Ross PRINTS. I'm even happy to add a little doodle (goldfish? gnome? kitten? camper van?), by request. We wanted to make this a really special package, so we are tucking a set of signed, limited edition prints into the books cover. We couldn't decide between the Country Mice / City Mice or the Little Piggies, so you get to choose. The Mice prints are 4" by 6", the Piggies are 5" by 7". Everything is in stock, and will ship within a week. Don't forget to let us know who to make the book out to!

We have started stocking mass quantities of cute little frames from IKEA, largely due to your requests. We know many of you like to pick your own frames, but if you'd like us to include a set to match your prints (like the ones shown above) we are more than happy to do so. Sorry, we can't ship frames Internationally!