Todays Online Studio Sale: Here's How it Works...

If you have never shopped one of our "MISC Sales", here is how they work. We gather up every little random thing that has accumulated in my studio over the course of a year, plus whatever fabric and product I have around, and then I ask you to tell me all about yourself, your life and your family. I offer up a pretty general list of merchandise and you tell me what sounds good and what doesnt, and I put together a package for you, matching your requests as best as I can and tossing in a few surprises (this is our favorite part!) based on what I know about you.It's sounds a little offbeat, I know, but its pretty fun. We get to learn all about you, and you get a big box in the mail. As you can imagine, it takes a few weeks for us to get everything shipped. And if you don't like something? Swaps usually sprout up here and there, and well... there's always Ebay and Etsy!

We are only able to fill a limited number of orders, and they tend to sell out quickly.  Because we don't want you to have to rush and forget to tell us anything about yourself or what you want, we have divided the ordering process into two steps this year. In the first, you pick the size and cost of your package. In the second, you tell us all about yourself and check some boxes. You can take your time on that step, because your order will have already been placed.

First, pick a package size, and checkout. Then, submit your requests using our online form (links will be available at 1PM today) We'll match your paypal address to your form. Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve, basis. Your spot in line is based on the time that you purchased your package, so please take your time with the form. We have posted a general list of what we are gathering up below (this is the same list that you will be making selections from on our order form!), but there are lots of odds and ends and one of a kind items too.

We'll get in touch with you if we have any questions about your order. If you need to ask us anything, you can email us here.

Today's sale starts at 1 pm, EST. Our last two MISC sales sold out in about twenty minutes. See You There!