Using HEATHER ROSS PRINTS to create "peel and stick" wallpaper for Kid's rooms

As I think I've mentioned about a zillion times, my favorite projects in HR Prints include the wallpapers. For our photo shoot I papered Bee's room in the orange unicorns, even though I was also really in love with the horsey bedroom shown above (we shot this in a corner of Bee's room, with the paper just taped up onto the wall, rather than stuck to it). Hopefully, if Bee is the horsey type, we'll switch it out someday in the not too distant future. I found the Pendleton baby blanket at Brooklyn Flea, but it's still available new on the Pendleton site. When we do, its nice to know that I can order up new peel and stick (easily put up and easily removed!) wallpaper in this or any print I want over at Spoonflower. It's amazing what that comapny is doing for the worls of DIY, isn't it?

There are a number of prints (already in full repeat!) included on the disc that comes with Heather Ross PRINTS that (I think) would make pretty terrific wallpapers.