Vera's Save The Date Calendar


As many of you already know, Vera is the cheerful glue that keeps things running smoothly around here. We refer to her as Sunshine With Feet. Her mood is always up, even when things... aren't. She has had a nightmarish two weeks no thanks to the Paypal shipping glitches that have been holding up the studio sale packages. And all the while juggling things for us all at both New York City workshops. In the midst of all that, she's also starting to think about her very own wedding ,which will take place in May. She asked me to design the save the dates, and since I had just finished a calendar wall / hanging / dishtowel for the Online Holiday Shop, I knew just what to show her. We stayed up until 2 am on Sunday night, drawing and printing, which was so much fun.

We love that its so timely, going out at the year end, and that her fiance likes it too. He's a Vermonter, and he loves Vera, so of course he and I could already agree on a lot.

We printed them nice and big on 11" by 14" paper.  Vera plans to send them rolled up in these tubes, and with bunches of these stamps. Cute, no??