Wooden Hangers, Tiny Artwork, and Baby Gifts

I am way behind on a certain somebody's baby gift.

When I had a baby she sent me something, something she had made herself, within a few months. That, in case you didn't know this, is the window of acceptable time for handmade gifts. I swear. But then she had a baby and I put "baby gift for Anna Maria" on my to do list, which is where it still sits, with no little satisfying line through it at all.

Two things, perhaps, that qualify as an excuse: One, she has babies more frequently than I do. But then again, that excuse is sort of canceled out by itself, since she found the time and made me a gift even though she has more babies than I do. Two, there's a bit of pressure to make her something really really beautiful. And useful. If you've been to Anna's home you already know that it doesn't have time for anything that isn't both. 

So Megan and I rifled through the files on the dvd in Heather Ross Prints and found a few small images that we could put on some useful things, like these kid's sized clothes hangers that we found on Amazon, and busted out the modge podge.





The artwork used for this project and the directions for how to decoupage can be found on PG 45 in Heather Ross PRINTS, which can be purchased here

The artwork used above: 1. Clothespin Dolls, 2. Shown in Playing With Horses, & 3. Ugly Ducking, Blue.