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Quilters Wanted! Plus new fabrics, new art, and a new book...

I secretly love the rain. Rainy mornings, rainy runs, rainy afternoons on my porch. Love them all. Rain means more mushrooms in the woods, more flowers, thicker grass around my house, and less watering of plants. TC, who is so uncomfortable in the direct sun that while on our honeymoon in Italy he was dressed like The Invisible Man, with dozens towels and articles of clothing draped around and over him and just a tiny little slit for the eyes and another for sipping his cocktail. So naturally shares my love of a rainy day. Bee loves a good puddle, but on the way to school this morning, looked up at me from under her little raincoat hood and said impatiently. Mom, WHEN is it going to be summer? “It’s right around the corner” was my reply. When we turned onto Pearl Street, literally around the corner, and she saw that it was still raining and that the wind was blowing even harder because we were facing the water, she looked up at me again, disappointment all over her face, and said “well, you were very wrong about THAT.”

Maybe, but I’m still making plans for summer, even if it isn’t coming for another few weeks. One plan involves myself, Bee, and another mother-daughter pair who we collectively love, plus one Volkswagen Westfalia and a certain National Park in Maine. Did you know that you can rent a Vanagon or a Westfalia from a number of sources (listed below), and spend a few days or nights camping and traveling through some of the prettiest landscapes in America? Its true. If you spent any time as a kid in a VW bus of any kind, you’ll remember how spacious and special they felt, and if you were ever lucky enough to spend a night high up in the “pop top” of one, you’ll also remember how it felt to wake up parked in a beautiful spot, high above the ground, with a pot of coffee waiting just below. Yes, it’s close quarters, but that’s what makes us... close to each other, right? And summertime isn’t about being inside anyway.

There are lots of great companies renting westies and eurovans, here’s a list by region.


By popular, we are happy to reintroduce “Mendocino”. Colors have been slightly tweaked and updated to inspire a new generation of sewists, mermaid lovers, and sea horse cowgirls. This collection was inspired by my  life spent on the rugged, and remote coastline of Northern California. Swimming Mermaids, seahorses, octopi both large and small, kelp and schools of fish round out this whimsical collection. 

View the Mendocino Look book here and find Mendocino at a store near you here


To help celebrate the re-release of Mendocino, we are offering a limited number of signed editions of these prints, based on the “Underwater Sisters” Design. Sold as a pair, they measure 13" by 19" and will fit perfectly into a Ikea frame. Purchase the pair of prints here.


This is my most favorite summer dress: simple, chic, comfy, lovely. I have had students of every shape and size make and wear this dress, it truly works on everybody. The bodice features  super stretchy elasticized smocking, a trick  anyone with a home-sewing machine and elastic thread (first thing to know: you put the elastic thread in your bobbin, NOT your needle thread!) can master.

Mendocino Sundress Pattern available here.

This adorable smocked sundress fits 12 months to size 4.

Smocked Sundress pattern is available here.


I’ll be introducing a new fabric line in a few months. This one is all on cotton lawn, and is inspired by a single well loved room in my house in the Catskills, my sleeping porch. I need some (hired) help making quilts for the look book, which will feature quilts designed by Denyse Schmidt for her most recent book “Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration”. Quilters will be paid for their work and will also receive a signed copy of Denyse’s book and an original signed print by yours truly. Please email us at if you’d like to help! We will need finished quilts by mid-June.



I've spent the better part of the last two years working on a pair of books for a new series about a messy little-girl-witch who lives in a crooked little house in the woods with her overweight cat and innumerable bats and snails. Its been so much fun. Pre-order it here.


November Photoshop for Fabric Designers Workshop

 Join Heather in New York City November 10th-13th for a weekend workshop dedicated to learning how to use Adobe Photoshop to hand-draw your own Original Fabric Designs. More on our website. Space is very limited!


Craft South Workshop, Art Camp

September 30th 2-6pm, October 1st 10am-6pm, $425.00

Spend a weekend with professional artist/designers, Heather Ross & Anna Maria Horner, exploring themes and techniques in drawing and painting.  The artists will share their approach to style, technique and palette choices as they each present various exercises of still life, portraiture and landscape.  Students will be encouraged to connect with their own unique style, and have the opportunity to have class work critiqued by instructors and fellow students.  Weather permitting, we will venture to a nearby location to paint plein air!

Learn more about the workshop here.


Also on the agenda, some time under a play parachute. Remember those things? Also something that felt a lot larger inside when you were a kid, but endless fun. I had forgotten all about them until I stumbled across one at a kids party in the park recently. I was instantly transported. I recommend a large one, in rainbow colors, if you can manage it. I found mine here. 

And did everybody see this amazing paddle board from Target by Marimmekko??  Whoa. So good.


We love it when our workshoppers use our retreats to develop new ideas, and are especially proud when those ideas become businesses. I recently received a gift from the very talented Jennifer Colin, who wowed us all in Palm Springs this year with her clothing made from digitally printed fabric. Jennifer, known in the online world under her company name, MY LITTLE PRINT FABRICS, is a native of France, which I think adds a certain something to her perspective on the American landscapes around Los Angeles, the city that she currently calls home. You can see more of her work and shop from her amazing store by following this link. I spoke with her about doing a custom piece for me and she seems more than ready to talk if not take commissions, I’d love a simple summer shift dress made from a certain shot of a little girl on her rope swing at the lake. Now that its technology has advanced to new levels, digital fabric printing offers such endless opportunities for lovers of textiles and unique, personal clothing.

Heather & Co