Thanks to everyone who made opening my email every morning so much more fun! I have created a gallery page so that we can all enjoy a sampling of the many wonderful submissions. Denyse and Claudia and I will announce a winner just as soon as we can agree on one... This is tough!


And The Winner Is.... Marisa Huber!

This was extremely tough, there were so many great submissions!

We loved what Marisa did with the garments and accessories in Weekend Sewing and how she made simple revisions to them in order to work for her, but in the end what we loved most about Marisa's entry was the lifestyle it was designed around. Nothing fancy, just lots of little simple wonderful things that we all love about summer: fresh berries, cowboy hats, and a backyard tent, days spent at the beach and at Farmers Market... we hear you, sister.

As I looked through the entries yesterday, over and over again, I began to imagine how great it would be if fashion shoots for magazines and catalogs showed clothing worn in the real-life scenarios that so many of you shared so openly in your sketches and designs. Don't get me wrong, I read (and love) Elle front to back every month, but I am finding your ideas about style and fashion (along with your real lives!) to be much more inspiring than anything I have seen there as of late. 

Thanks to all of you for your wonderful submissions!

And congrats to Marisa, who will be receiving a big box of fabric and a free copy of Weekend Sewing. 

Next Up: Far Far Away is hitting stores, so I am racing the clock trying to get a new free pattern up for you all... stay tuned!