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Designing Invitations and Stationery for Friends...

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(or husbands) ...is one of my most favorite things to do. It gives me a chance to make artwork for - and about - the ones I love. My dear friends Alli and Scott are expecting their first baby in a few short weeks, so I offered to do an invitation. I insisted, really. Actually, come to think of it, I didn't even give them the chance to say no. Alli and Scott have an aging but spry little french bulldog who has been their only baby for about six years, and who I fear will have more adjusting to do than the new parents. I thought it only fair to put him center stage in the artwork. 

Ever since I made my wedding invites and was horrified by that years postage stamp selection I have been ordering my own stamps online here. Take a minute to look through the catalog online, its amazing. I chose an assortment of bugs and reptiles, birds and flowers for Allis invite. I printed both the envelopes and cards with my epson R300. Nothing fancy.

Here are a few more recent invite projects:

This was a party that Alli and I planned together for a group of friends but that had to be cancelled.... I was planning to make this dish, with a few variations, which I highly recommend.

And this one is a sketch that didn't make the cut for an invite that has yet to be mailed, for a very creative company that throws a big summer party every August in LA. It was meant to be a riff on the "plus one" that gets stamped onto so many summer invites, and imagines what would happen if a mermaid needed a date in a pinch. It also reminds me of how every summer includes one event that you can't wait to go to but that your date is desperate to leave.


And this one was for my niece Quinn, who wanted a Webkins themed party a few years ago. She chose the font, which I thought worked perfectly. Looking at it makes me realize that Quinn is much more grown up now and how happy I am that I saved a bit of proof that she was once this small. I really look forward to busting it out at her wedding and humiliating her like a proper aunt.