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Crafty Chloe and I make a doll bed on The Martha Stewart Show (the video clip!)

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Here tis.... Unfortunately the first five minutes where I talk about the book has been cut, but the project how to is complete!


And because I have gotten more than a few questions about Trixie's little coat, I'm happy to report that it is a variation on the Lucy's Kimono project from Weekend Sewing, made by Liesl Gibson and Claudia Albequerque, long before I had a baby to put it on. I was so thrilled that it finally fit her and that we had such a perfect occasion to wear it! The instructions can be found here.

and here is a photo, thanks Liesl!


Oops, a few more emails just came in about the clip... my necklace was a Valentines Day gift from my husband and baby (who is called Bee by her father and aunt), link below, and the blouse is by Temperley, purchased under the orders of Alli, who has had her hands full as my volunteer stylist / thigh wrangler this past year. I still have a closet of things that don't fit, luckily this top could double as a very glamorous rain tarp.