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Introducing Heather Ross Prints!

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I am so pleased to tell you that my newest crafts book, Heather Ross Prints, is now available.

This project is truly close to my heart. Inspired largely by the community of crafters that exists online and the infectious spirit of generosity among them, I set out to create a usable digital library of my own (favorite) fabric designs. I spent the better part of a year exploring new digital printing technologies and trying out new craft techniques (lamp making, bookbinding, wallpapering) searching for new ways to use my artwork. With the help of STC Craft, Brooke Reynolds, and John Gruen, I bundled it all into a book (which comes with a dvd full of artwork!) that I couldn't be more proud of. I also included a chapter on my own creative process with a step by step guide to designing fabric in Photoshop, and a bunch of full-page images of my prints that are on perforated paper so that you can rip them out for giftwrapping and scrapbooking.

There was one other objective set forth early in the project: to make this book affordable for everyone. Alhough most of the crafts books that STC Craft makes are hardcovers, Heather Ross Prints will make it's debut in paperback at the absolutely fabulous price of $24.95.

Here are a few of my most favorite projects and photos from the book:

Digitally Printed Wallpaper! There are more than 5 print files in HR Prints that can be uploaded onto this website to create standard sized wallpaper - including Underwater Sisters, Horses, Frog Prince, and The Owl and The Pussycat, and another 40 prints that can be used to create wall murals. You can even choose to have this paper printed on a self-adhesive substrate that can be easily applied and removed. This photo was taken in my daughter Bee's bedroom at our house in the Catskills. Vera and Pauline hung it the day before the shoot, and there it remains.

More wallpaper, this time my Horses, plus a decoupage project on a little white storage stool. I love the little Pendleton Blanket we found for this shot! I think if we hadn't already hung the unicorns that this would have been my choice for decorating Bee's room.


Thisis one of my most favorite paper craft projects in the book. I thought it would be fun to mix a printed fabric bound cover with a printed paper endpaper. The inside pages are blank, simply a stack of fresh white printer paper. I included a few sets of print combinations, but especially love the Wildflowers with the Playing Horses print. The fabric can be printed via Spoonflower and the paper can be printed at home or at a service bureau with a wide format printer (like Kinkos). Very basic bookbinding techniques are employed, as is my favorite new crafty find: Padding Compound.

Here are my Racecars exactly where they should be: in a little boy's bedroom. These prints are two of about forty in the book that can be used for anything and everything, including fabric. This is Spoonflowers lovely linene / cotton blend. We washed this in very hot water and the colors stayed fast, the fabric became softer.

This photo didn't actually make the cut, but it was one of my most favorites. We shot it in Bee's bedroom, upstate again, with low lights. That's my grandmother, her great grandmother, on the mantle. I was seven months pregnant and absolutely sure she would be a "Trixie", but she's not. She's a Bee. Still, how cool is it that you can make your own lanterns from rice paper and lamp making supplies?? (more of that over here) and cooler still, we have included versions of the print file (yes, rice paper can be used in ink jet printers!) with EVERY letter of the alphabet on the DVD in the book. These could be used for parties, weddings, etc. etc..... Here's a close-up, they all have my Far Far Away prints on them!

I'll be back next week with more details, including a descripton of what it's like to set up an outdoor shot in the pouring rain when you are seven months pregnant and cannot zip up your raincoat.

Heather Ross Prints is available now on Amazon. It's been shipping for a few days and should be hitting your neigborhood bookstore's shelves very soon. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!