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Briar Rose (in quilting cotton and in jersey) has arrived! Plus, a free sewing pattern....

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I am so pleased to announce that my new fabric line, Briar Rose is now available in quilt shops everywhere. The collection includes twenty prints on a nice quilting weight cotton, four of which also appear on a buttery jersey.

The jersey is perfect for little leggings like the ones below, so we've made this original pattern available as a free download. The pattern includes some tips on sewing with jersey on a basic, mechanical sewing machine, for those who don't have a lot of experience with this fabric. We are looking forward to hearing what you think, and seeing what you make.

We'll have another pattern available for you next week, a cute little blouse that's just perfect for the Briar Rose quilting cottons. If you'd like to know about it as soon as it arrives, consider signing up for our newsletter!

Download the FREE Briar Rose Jersey Legging pattern here.


Thank You.

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I think that it is difficult to describe this community to people who don't understand it, who've never depended on it, who haven't seen it in action. I'm not even sure what to call us, because the words "market" and "online network" don't do us justice. It is about handmade, and craft, and sewing, and homekeeping, and quilts and art and certainly love, but it's also about something bigger. We are a sister-hood of sorts, coming from every direction, leaving our economics, religion, and politics with our coats and hats when we come to the common table. And while the things we make - the quilts and the books and the pictures and everything else - may seem small, words fail when you try to describe the power they have.

I have to believe that there is something that sits in a very deep place within each of us, older than language or marriage or medicine or money, a relic of pre-history, a miracle of thumbs and sticks and fire, that tells our heart to trust the hands who have made us something, because they belong to someone who loves us.

Thank you for helping my family, we are honored and grateful. I'm thrilled to report that our benefit was a great success, thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make it so. I'm just now home from Santa Cruz with a long list of winners to announce... stay tuned!


Announcing BRIAR ROSE, by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics

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I am so pleased to introduce my first line of quilting cottons (and a few buttery jerseys!) for Windham Fabrics: Briar Rose.  I think it’s perfect for patchwork (this quilt, designed by Rae, is amazing, right?) and for kids clothing and accessories, but if you want to make up a little summer skirt for yourself in Frog Pond, we say go ahead and do it. Here's the official Wholesale Catalog..... We look forward to posting more information with you in the coming months, and expect the fabric to start hitting shelves in July.

We get a lot of requests from people looking to buy fabric from us, but have never sold it directly in our online shop, until now! Our friends at Windham are making special Collectors Packs for us, which include a half yard of each print, which we will be combining with a limited edition 13” by 19” signed print called “Field Strawberry”, shown here, which is really just a giant ode to our most favorite sign of spring: the wild strawberry. We love the way this particular print looks with the Briar Rose Rainbow Quilt, which was designed by my friend Rae, and for which there will be a FREE pattern available over at Windham beginning in July. You need a half yard of each print to make the quilt, conveniently!

The Briar Rose Collectors Pack will be available by reservation only. If you’d like us to make one for you, you just need to fill out this simple form. We won’t invoice you until it’s ready to ship. We expect that will happen in July, about the same time the fabrics begin to appear in stores.