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2009 / STC Craft / A Melanie Falick Book

"Weekend Sewing's projects are a perfect reflection of Heather's own inimitable style and approach to sewing: easy going, stylish but not stiff, colorful and bright, relaxed and casual."

-Purl Bee Book Review

A few weeks ago a friend turned to me and said "I am so sorry your book is launching during such a rough economy." The only thing I could think to say in response was "Oh no, you've got this all wrong!" I think this is the perfect time for Weekend Sewing! I have been so moved these past months by how much people seem to want to do for themselves and their families in an effort to be more self sufficient, and by how many of us have discovered the opportunity for creative expression that exists in doing so. (continues below)

 It's so empowering to be able to decide exactly what you need and what you want to wear, what clothing is a match for your lifestyle and for your taste. I am fortunate enough to have come from a long line of creative and self sufficient women, but had I not had such a wonderful Home Ec teacher I think my life would be much different now. Mrs G's approach was simple: A household (whether it includes just one person or a dozen) is a small business, and should be managed as such with ingenuity, thrift and creativity. Sewing, cooking and a sense of style and design were all equally valued. And, most importantly, she taught us this: this life, this home, is not a beauty contest, and it's not about perfection. This is about taking care of the people you love, taking care of yourself and being happy. I am so proud to be a part of the sewing/creative living community that so openly shares resources and inspiration, and so proud that Weekend Sewing has been so well received.

-Heather Ross

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