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Book Review: Hand Stitched Felt by Kata Golda

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While a new baby remains blissfully unaware of that little sweater that you made for him (or the dozens of evenings knitting and re-knitting plus the case of wine and dedicated management of netflix to keep oneself occupied during said endless knitting), toddlers are considerably more selective. A certain five year old that I know has already requested "No more clothes Heather, because I really don't like clothes and you keep giving me more and I have enough of them and my closet is full". I'm not naming any names, but I think that parents should know that even a childless friend can tell when Mommy has been doing a little bit of coaching in the gift communication department. And admittedly, that it is actually appreciated.

Toys have longed seemed the answer to this dilema. But while I have an impressive craft book library, I have not, until Hand Stitched Felt, had a single one that includes such a wonderful assortment of toys and accessories. There has been a need for a book like this for quite some time, and Kata Gold was the perfect person to write it.

From Hand Sitched Felt by Kata GoldaI have been aware of Kata Golda for some time, having first bumped into one of her little framed portraits of a dapper little mouse dressed in striped cover-alls in a shop in California years ago. What struck me then and what strikes me now about her work is the expressiveness of the simple faces on her felt animals conveyed with  literally a few simple lines. Her toys and embellishments are so full of personality and life that they are sure to become well loved members of the family. Melanie just finished this little guy, who I think is especially dear. And maybe its my imagination, but I see Kata in his little face as much as I see Melanie, and I think I even see a trace of Melanies real-life dog.

Melanie Falick's Dog, from Hand Stitched Felt by Kata Golda

So simple, right? But so totally pee-your pants cute that the entire New York City Craft world has been crazy over them since they arrived in town a few weeks ago, even inspiring an extremely cute little stop action film. You can even win a free copy of Hand Stitched felt by leaving a comment about the video.

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