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Introducing Far Far Away, Part 2!

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Ah details. In the day to day management of my own life, they are not my strong suit. In my art, however, they are my obsession.

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have a new collection of fabrics for Kokka/Seven Islands coming out this spring, a second installment of Far Far Away. Same three color palettes (with a little oomphing and tweaking here and there), but with a new cast of characters - each of them bringing along their tiny details. I spent an hour alone on the small pile of bobby pins at the bottom of Repunzels tower. I know, I know.

Its too early to post a complete line, as we are still finalizing everything, but here are a few little scraps.

and here we are in aquas, oranges and greys...


And stay tuned! I have some great news about my older discontinued collections coming soon!