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Announcing Heather Ross (me) for Spoonflower!

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In just a few days, some of my long out of print fabric designs will be available through the magic of Spoonflower. We have been working hard these past few weeks to bring new life (and new colors!) to some of my earliest work and can't wait to show them to you.

I am especially thrilled that these prints will now be available on such a great selection of fabrics, including jersey, bamboo/cotton/rayon, a cotton/linen blend, an organic knit, and a quilting weight cotton. I also think its pretty great that there won't be a limit on whats available, and that anyone who wants some can have some.

First up are my little gnomes, who I have really missed. I think they look particularly dashing in purple. There is also another colorway, a lovely springy green and pink. Print groups will be available for ordering for a limited time, but not too limited. Our first batch of gnomes, for example, will be available for thirty days. After that, another re-issue will take their place. Next up? We'll see... Most likely something else from Lightning Bugs. I won't be attempting to match the original colors, Its too much fun to come up with new combinations anyway.

And yes, of course, these fabrics will be a little different than the lovely and perfect japanese fabrics that Kokka and I are so proud to continue to collaborate on, but thats sort of the point. This is about finding new ways, new formulas, new technologies, and new resources in a field that is changing every day, and I am very proud to be a part of that. The more we invest in this new technology as designers and sewists, the more finely tuned (and affordable) it becomes, and the more it can do for us in return.

I'll be adding updates and posting my collections for Spoonflower over here, and will let you know as soon as it launches! We are just nailing down a few final details, but it should be just a matter of days...

Meantime, let me know what you think, and which prints you would like to see come back!