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Far Far Away Part 2: what didn't make the cut.

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The problem with this post, from the get go, is that I am not entirely sure why certain prints get scrapped. In the case of this first print, newspaper boats, I thought it was a sure thing. It was meant as a complimentary print for the Owl and The Pussycat (which is part of the final collection, but not in the gray color pictured here) but I thought it stood up pretty well on its own. I, however, am not the expert on what will sell, much less what will sell in Japan. I actually really want newspaper boats on wallpaper.... I need to work on that. Meantime, I am adding this print plus a few more to my collection of Keds sneakers over at Zazzle.


In the case of the next two prints, the problem was a little more obvious. My Snow White print became one of those huge, over developed prints that nearly killed me. I got a little too caught up in the story. The artwork is so big, in fact, that I have to show it to you in three swatches. First, my little lumberjack dwarves:

Next, my overly tragic Snow White. I liked the image of her getting woken up on the forest floor, the morning after the woodsman lets her run away into the dark forest. The idea for this artwork came from my husband. I tend to wake up grouchy, with an anxious cat and dog staring me down. When I do finally get up they follow me around the house until I feed them. TC likes to say that this little scene reminds him of Snow White, except with more profanity.

One of the problems with this artwork is that I spent so much time on it that I started to hate it a little, and then I couldn't figure out what to make as a complimentary design. I liked the idea of making a print that showed all of the laundry that Snow White would have to do if she moved in with the dwarves. Brooke eventually talked me out of an underwear-based design (she is often the voice of reason) and Denyse was the one that thought that Snow's bra and undies would likely have little apples on them. 

and then, of course, I realized that the underwear would only make sense if they showed up in the print as well. 

It was well past deadline when I realized that I still had a weeks worth of work trying to get the repeat to look right, so I put the group on hold. I can't say for sure that Snow White will end up on fabric, but I think you will likely see her again.

Meantime, her underpants, along with all of that awful laundry, are now gracing Keds sneakers over at my zazzle store.