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Little Cricket, Big Ego

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OK, Percy has locked himself in the bathroom. He's sensitive to begin with (and a little defensive, in my opinion) so you can imagine how difficult it is for him to reconcile the fact that only five people have been able to correctly identify the four prints in which he appears. He was expecting a higher number, apparently. You should have seen him last night, sitting cross-legged in front of the computer screen, glass of rose in hand, absolutely deflated, shouting at the world in his little cricket voice. He's blaming me, of course, for not making the prize "important enough". I would like to avoid spending the rest of my day arguing with a cricket (I do have a job), so I'm upping the ante in hopes that more of you will rifle through your stashes and impress him with your vast knowledge of all things crickety.

So here goes. In addition to the custom Keds sneakers, the sampling of Far Far Away 2, and the signed copy of Weekend Sewing, I'm adding three yards of fabric from my Mendocino line. I have most prints in my own personal archive, so I'm sure we can find something that you like.

Contest rules are below, in the last three paragraphs. Good Luck! And please hurry, we only have the one bathroom.