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It's Back... ANNOUNCING Mendocino, by Heather Ross with Windham Fabrics (in stores in 2016)

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What seems like a million years ago, before I was an artist or a mother or a wife, I lived in a tiny cabin just north of the town of Mendocino, just steps from the cold, wild, and rough Pacific Ocean.

I worked seasonally, as a naturalist for the State Parks during the school year and at a horsebarn in the summer and the fall. I lead guided rides along a ten mile stretch of unpopulated beach, sometimes under a full moon.

It seems, sometimes, to have all been a dream.

Ten years later I designed a fabric collection inspired by this time in my life. Like every collection, and like my time in North California, it came and went too quickly.

Thankfully, and largely due to the requests of their customers, Windham Fabrics has generously offered a re-issue of MENDOCINO for a new generation of sewists, mermaid lovers, and sea horse cowgirls, including the biggest mermaid fan I know: my daughter Bee.

Mendocino is offered on quilting cotton, and includes six original prints.

Colors have been slightly tweaked and updated, many in answer to the requests of our sewists and retailers.

THANK YOU to our retailers, sewists, and friends, who have supported and collected this collection for a decade. It is one that is very close to my heart.

View the lookbook here!