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Lightning Bugs, Your Questions Answered

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Lightning Bugs was one of the most personally important collections that I have designed, partly because it was my fist ever collection for home-sewists and quilters, and partly because it marked a major transition creatively and personally, and the beginning of a new an happy chapter in my life. I remember very clearly (and very nervously) showing it to Amy Butler, who I was in awe of, at my very first quilt show, and her words, which were " This is going to make people really happy". That seemed like the best news I'd ever gotten.

It was well received, but short lived. I have watched for 13 years (!) as it's become more collectible, it's prices in the re-sale market making it virtually impossible to buy, feeling as frustrated as anyone that it wasn't more available to anyone who wanted it for their own personal use. I sold off my own stash (or so I thought) long ago, never at much more of it's original price. When I learned that there were still a few bolts kicking around, I knew immediately that I wanted to sell it in small quantities directly to the same home sewists and quilters that have shown me so much support, at a price that everyone could afford.

I could not have imagined the response that we have gotten since our announcement last week. I am both touched and shocked by the demand for these fabrics. After a lot of consideration, I've decided to print more of it to meet this anticipated demand. I have the assurance of the mill that they will match the prints and the original fabric ( a brushed poplin) exactly. I'm offering it on a pre-sale basis only, and only printing a limited amount. We expect it to sell out. It's available only from me, not from Windham Fabrics or in retail stores. I won't be able to sell it to retailers or manufacturers. Customers are limited to two pre-packs each.

So, to the questions regarding wether or not this is a re-print, I have to say both "yes" and "no". 

Some of you have asked because you loved the original substrate, which was the soft, sanded poplin that I helped develop 14 years ago with Free Spirit Fabrics. This is the same fabric, the same art (mine), and the same colors. The price will be pretty close to the original too, at about $14 a yard. If you love this collection for what it is, because you love gnomes or had a bicycle with a banana seat or remember riding in your father's VW bus as a kid, I think  (I hope!) it will make you really happy, which is, ultimately, what I have always strived for as an artist. 

But for anyone wondering if this fabric will have the same re-sale value than the original yardage, I'm not sure what to tell you. I don't set (or charge) those prices. I think maybe time will tell. BUT, maybe this sale isn't for you. 

And yes, if all goes as planned, I'll offer the other half of this collection at some point down the road. Its hard to say now when or where. And yes, I'm still happily designing fabric for Windham, more than ever actually, but this collection is all me.

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